Your Business Opportunity for innovative audience development and thinking out of the box in a golf course in Ale, Sweden

Become a Young Entrepreneur at the Ale GK golf course in Sweden with the support of the EXCITE 2.0 Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) Programme.

Ale GK golf course/restaurant/camping site is looking for a dynamic founder from the Netherlands willing to creatively explore innovative mechanisms for audience development in a classical setting of historical buildings and traditional golf.

The golf club owner is a welcoming and open-minded host entrepreneur who is looking forward to listening to your innovate ideas and to supporting you as a new entrepreneur (NE) in developing your business model in Sweden.


“We can offer an innovative, accepting and friendly environment – ideal for artistic exploration of ideas, projects and processes. It can be used as a living lab where history meets today. The golf course is situated around historical monuments such as carvings (approx. 3,000 years old), and the main building is from the 16th century. We also believe that the NE can find much interest in testing and questioning the current prejudices about golf

” (Ale GK).

ECBN, as partner and contact point for EXCITE 2.0 EYE new entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, encourages Dutch artists and creative people, with an interest in innovations in tourism, events, NGO, social entrepreneurship,

destination or audience development, to apply for this amazing opportunity to test your out-of-the-box ideas in an incomparable setting where basically everything is possible. You think you have a crazy idea to develop a historical golf club? Test it at Ale GK and start your business in a foreign market!

In case you are interested, please contact us at or apply here:


What is Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs about?

With no age limit, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme gives an opportunity for the Dutch founders and willing-to-start entrepreneurs (“new entrepreneurs”) across Europe to link themselves with experienced businessmen in another EU country.

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