Great Business Opportunity for an innovative event manager to work in a B&B in Sweden!

Within the EXCITE 2.0 Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) Programme, we are looking for a Founder and Young Entrepreneur to bring their expertise and innovative ideas into the events and activities management of a B&B in the Swedish countryside.

The Host Entrepreneur Tingstad Bed & Breakfast is located in Ale municipality, near Gothenburg. Tingstad B&B is not only a hospitality business, but they also organize music events and outdoor recreation activities.

ECBN, as partner and contact point for EXCITE 2.0 EYE host and new entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, launches this call for Dutch founders and willing-to-start, creative and artistic entrepreneurs willing to add value to this small business through the arts and outdoor recreation.

We are looking for a creative person with an outgoing personality since that is a key for our business. It is important that the New Entrepreneur have a love and understanding for nature and the wildlife that comes with it. Hospitality and the ability to put the visitor first are very important skills that we look for in the New Entrepreneur. How to market, communicate and develop new ideas and activities connected to hiking, biking and outdoor experiences are preferable skills. A passion for music is a bonus since we arrange regularly music events” (Tingstad B&B).

This is the second time that the EYE Programme counts on the participation of Tingstad B&B as a Host Entrepreneur.

Last year they received Andreaa Preluca from Romania, who shared her experience about starting her business plan in Sweden with the help and coaching of Tingstad B&B.


In case you are interested, please contact us at or apply here:


What is Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs about?

With no age limit, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme gives an opportunity for the Dutch founders and willing-to-start entrepreneurs (“new entrepreneurs”) across Europe to link themselves with experienced businessmen in another EU country.

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