ECBN pushes for specific policy initiatives and actions for the cultural creative industries and represents its members in the main European events and debates where issues related or impacting cultural and creative business are discussed. Please review a selection of actions below.



  • Hearing on the implications of Brexit for Culture and Education (21 June), held by the European Committee on Culture and Education of the European Parliament. Read the complete Hearing document here.

  • 1st International Forum Creative Ukraine (19-20 October). Michal Hladky, Director Creative Industry Kosice and Co-Chair of the European Creative Business Network participated in the special session “Mainstreaming of Ukrainian and EaP cultural and creative sector institutions and professionals in the EU networks”, and in the module “Business consultations ‘Creative SMEs’”.

  • Forum Europe|Ruhr’s Meet & Match event (7 September) with approximately 200 policy makers and stakeholders from the cultural and creative sectors across Europe. ECBN was present with an info desk.

  • Global Manifest of ENCATC.


  • European Culture Forum 2016 (Brussels, 19-20 April), Bernd Fesel presented in the flash session “Investing in the cultural and creative sectors”. More information here.

  • Hearing at the Culture and Creative Industries intergroup at European Parliament (Brussels, 27 January) on cultural and creative spillovers as drivers for innovation. Bernd Fesel and Dawn Ashman presented their research findings on the Cultural and Creative spillover in Europe as drivers for innovation, backed by research from the Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy. Take a look at the powerpoint here.

  • Voices of Culture ‒ Structured Dialogue between the European Commission and the cultural sector (2015-2016). Bernd Fesel represented ECBN to strengthen the advocacy capacity of the cultural creative industries in policy debates on culture at European level and lead the editorial group of the final report. Download report here.


  • European Culture Forum 2013 (Brussels, 4-6 November). Bernd Fesel, managing director of ECBN and Senior advisor of the European Centre for Creative Economy (ecce), took part in a panel discussion. The programme can be checked here.

  • Exhibition Meet & Match at the Forum Europe Ruhr.