THE ARTS+, Creative Business Festival
In 2017 ECBN started a strategic partnership with THE ARTS+ at the Book Fair Frankfurt. ECBN aims to provide new business opportunities for cultural and creative entrepreneurs (Booth, Pitching asf.) and to improve policy framework and funding for innovation in cultural creative industries, by supporting the THE ARTS+ Innovation Summit.

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Who is Who at Creative Business Festival 2017
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Creative Trade Missions
One of the first actions of ECBN in 2011 was the start of a new format, the “Creative Trade Mission”: a 3 day event for creative entrepreneurs to co-create a product idea and pitch to investors or cooperations partners, which have taken place in Bristol, Amsterdam (PICNIC), Malmö/Kopenhagen and Kosice. Read more






Photo credit: Top: 2017 ECBN at Creative Business Festival ARTS+.; Bottom: 2011 ECBN in Bristol Creative Trade Mission