The Welcome to Creative Business Festival (Book-Fair Frankfurt, Oct 11 – 15 2017) is marked by a robot writing a manifest (robotlab) and a VR art installation (dropstuff). These two iconic presentation symbolize todays choices in creative business: Is it the digital driving creativity or is it art driving the digital ? And is this todays´ choice for entrepreneurs ? Why not make business with both approaches ? Is the scalable digital business really better or more profitable than the seemingly old fashioned non-scalable economy of artworks ? And will this really apply to VR-Art ?

The exhibition of Arts Plus was not just another show; it was curated to ignite questions about our future and the choices we have to make for it.

The European Creative Business Network was strategic partner of the Innovation Summit at The Art Plus. Here you find a short review of whoiswho at the Festival.



Foto Copyright Bernd Fesel, ECBN, 2017