The #ECIS22 continues on June 10 with Breakout Sessions 3 and 4 (BoS #3 & #4) from 2pm to 5pm CEST, which will take place in a hybrid format, in Brussels (venue: CIVA) and online.

The third part of this year’s #ECIS22 is all about green ideas and investing in European creative talents. The green transformation of our society needs ideas and solutions, but also new methods and investments that enable creatives from all sectors to develop new solutions and work for a better planet. In all parts of these event we try to answer the question:

How can the creative industries support the Green Transformation? But also, what conditions need to be created to support CCIs in their efforts?

As part of the New European Bauhaus, the #ECIS22 tries to contribute with this event to the New European Bauhaus Festival which is organised from the 9 to the 12 June.





13.00   Registration

14.00   Welcome, Bernd Fesel and Gerin Trautenberger, ECBN 

Opening Keynote, Erminia Sciacchitano, Italian Ministry of Culture, Minister’s Cabinet

14.15 – 15.15 BoS#3 Finance, Investment for Green Transformation

14.15 14.30 Keynote: Vincent Favrat, Scale Up Factory

14.30 15.00 Panelists/Case Studies:

Chaired by Bernd Fesel, ECBN

  • NFT Investment in CCIS: Jean-Sébastien Beaucamps, La Collection
  • Impact Funds initiative: Martijn Blom, Investment specialist, Leader of impact funds initiative at EVPA
  • Fund for Aesthetics and Sustainability: Adrienne Goehler, initiator of Faes, autor and curator.

15.00 – 15.15 Conversation & Recommendations

15.15 – 15.30 Break

PART 2 PRE-CONFERENCE 15.30 – 17.00

15.30- 17.00 BoS#4 Design for The Planet

15.30 15.45 Keynote: Ambra Trotto, RISE

15.45 16.45 Panelists/Case Studies:

Chaired by Ambra Trotto, RISE

  • Circular Fashion: Dirk Vantyghem, Euratex
  • Sustainable Food Design: Sietske Klooster, MelkSalon
  • Transformative Administrations: Astrid Kaag, Regional government of Noord-Brabant
  • Circular Design Rules: Harald Gruendl, Institute of Design Research Vienna
  • Entering the area of Crowdvocacy: Decision Making Design and Civic Crowdfunding: Oliver Schulbaum, Platoniq

16.45 -17.00 Conversations & Recommendations

17.00 End of Pre-Conference