Within the Excite 2.0 Erasmus for Your Entrepreneurs (EYE) Programme, we are looking for Dutch young founders or entrepreneurs willing to bring their innovative ideas into the following Swedish host entrepreneurs:

Toppen 77

A small but interesting business which wants to host, especially a graphic designer, product designer, or business development-person. They want to find new business opportunities and they have capacity for new markets. They do products for the rehabilitation and care/hospital market, like soft helmets for pre-mature children but they also have pre-mature dolls as well as other textile designs. This is an interesting business with a very strong sense of entrepreneurship and lots of heart.

Ale municipality local golf club/course

This host entrepreneur looks for someone who wants to help them develop more their business. Someone with an eye for concept design and concept development. They are open for many backgrounds, could be design, could be business development, could be concept developer, could be tourism, could be interior design, could be sports, etc. They are also an interesting business with lots of potential!

In case you are interested in any of these offers, please contact us at ecbn.verdet@gmail.com or apply here: https://www.erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu/index.php?lan=nl

What is Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs about?

With no age limit, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme gives an opportunity for the Dutch founders and willing-to-start entrepreneurs (“new entrepreneurs”) across Europe to link themselves with experienced businessmen in another EU country.