Do you think you could use some help from an experienced business(wo)man to set your entrepreneurship idea in motion? Would you like contribute to an established business with creative and experimental ideas? Then these opportunities are for you!

Become a Young Entrepreneur in the Netherlands with the support of the EXCITE 2.0 Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) Programme.

At ECBN, as partner and contact point for EXCITE 2.0 EYE host and new entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, we have received some applications from Dutch entrepreneurs who are excited to welcome business founders and willing-to-start entrepreneurs (“new entrepreneurs”) from other EU countries. Host entrepreneurs will lead new entrepreneurs along the way of establishing a new business project, by mentoring them and sharing their knowledge and expertise. Check these hosting offers and find your business opportunity!

  • Inside Outside BV: a design studio specialized in landscape design and interior architecture look for a Polish-speaking entrepreneur

“One of our main focus is guiding and teaching the entrepreneur all the faces of a project. As we are a small team of about 5 interior designers, our interns get a relatively big responsibility and they are trained to work independently, therefore the entrepreneur is always a valuable colleague and makes real part of the office”.

  • Stichting Biomeiler: an organization in the Thermocomposting industry provides a learning environment for young international entrepreneurs

“We are a young and small organisation with an open end developing character. The Thermocomposting industry is still very much in development and we are the main organisation working in this field in The Netherlands. We aim to collaborate in our research as much as possible with other European organisations. Because of these characteristics we are very suitable for young international entrepreneurs as a learning environment”.

  • HumanSurge BV: a humanitarian HR organisation looking for a PHP programmer and a data-analyst

“As social impact entrepreneur, I am fully aware of the challenges other entrepreneurs face. In fact, we have ourselves benefited on multiple occasions from the advice and guidance of other more senior entrepreneurs. From this perspective, we seek to return this favour to others. At the same time, we seek outside views and welcome out-of-the-box thinking to continue enhancing our services”.

  • SolteQ Energy: this sustainable water and energy products start-up looks for a creative entrepreneur willing to contribute to the company’s marketing areas

Our start-up is expanding to several areas and we need additional manpower to develop our sustainable water and energy products in other areas. We can offer experience in international business development, so, we can assist self-motivated high level people in performing this activity”.


ECBN encourages artists and creative people from any EU country to apply for the EYE support and become a “new entrepreneur” in the Netherlands.

In case you are interested, please contact us at or apply here:



What is Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs about?

With no age limit, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme gives an opportunity for the founders and willing-to-start entrepreneurs (“new entrepreneurs”) across Europe to link themselves with experienced businessmen in another EU country.

If you are a Dutch experienced entrepreneur from the cultural creative sectors and want to host a founder and new entrepreneur from other countries in Europe, contact us at