A few weeks ago, host entrepreneur (HE) David Galjaard, from Het Domijn, received the new entrepreneur (NE) Pawel Kowalski from Poland, supported by MOST Foundation (Mobile Open Society through Wireless Technology). The exchange, which takes place within EXCITE 2.0, an Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) funded program, will last for five months.

Pawel Kowalski is planning to start a “travelling academy” – a business that organises intensive training courses in European destinations, aimed at creatives, to inspire them and give them a chance to learn new skills and collaborate. The NE plans to find potential clients (participants in the Academy’s training courses) and experienced creatives who could become teachers/mentors in the various courses planned, as well as to grow his network in the international creative sector by merging with the art scene in Amsterdam, with the help of the HE.

The HE Het Domijn, who applied to the EYE programme through ECBN, is a multi-disciplinary creative collective with around 40 members, each with a different business scope (product design, music, painting, photography, theatre, event production, furniture manufacturing and many more).

This is how HE David explains NE Pawel’s first days at Het Domijn:

Pawel’s exchange started in quite an exciting and unusual way. On the day of his arrival we were opening a festival called Showman’s fair. It was a great way to say “hi” and see what kind of work we do. 

We had some interesting conversations concerning production of big events like this and Pawel had some nice ideas about marketing of the event. Together we can think of some new ways of interacting with the audience in the future.

Pawel has also been busy making his rounds in the creative scene in Amsterdam, in order to develop his idea for a business. He plans to hold an event at Het Domijn, during which he’ll showcase the business idea he has to start a creative school/academy.



EXCITE 2.0 represents the consortium of 8 partners – Intermediary Organizations in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme with a particular focus on entrepreneurship in Creative and Culture Industries: Creative Industry Košice; European Creative Business Network; Ale municipality; Creative Region Linz and Upper Austria; City of Gelsenkirchen; Poligon; Kulturni Kod and C2MASI. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs (New Entrepreneurs) the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs (Host Entrepreneurs) running small businesses in other participating countries. ECBN is the contact point for host and new entrepreneurs from the Netherlands. For more information, check here or contact us at ecbn.verdet@gmail.com