Are you planning to start your business? Are you an existing entrepreneur for less than 3 years? Would you like to work with experienced European entrepreneur abroad? Would you like to develop your entrepreneurship skills or business idea? Are you willing to build or already building your new business around your creative skills?

Apply now for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs support!


With no age limit, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme gives an opportunity for the new and willing-to-start entrepreneurs (both called “new entrepreneurs”) across Europe to link themselves with experienced businessmen in another EU country. This collaboration based on the partnership and mutual learning gives you:

  • The experience to establish and grow your own business;
  • New international contacts and wider networks;
  • Access to and experience on the new market;
  • Potential further cooperation opportunities and many more.

ECBN is a partner in the EXCITE 2.0 consortium led by Creative Industry Košice with particular focus to support entrepreneurs in the Creative and Cultural Industries to exchange knowledge and new ideas on entrepreneurship and innovation, to provide access to markets across Europe, boosting international access and business development in the cultural and creative sector.

ECBN as an Intermediary organisation in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme will cover bursaries for the new entrepreneurs from The Netherlands to go to another European country for 1 to 6 months. We welcome new entrepreneurs from creative and cultural sectors, but all entrepreneurs fulfilling the eligibility criteria can apply.

Check the leaflet for more information on how to apply

You can also visit the official page  of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs


If you run your business for more than 3 years, you can participate as an experienced – host entrepreneur.