Who we are

European Creative Business Network (ECBN) is a network of creative development agencies and creative centres. Our mission is to support the creative and cultural industries to internationalise – to do business and to collaborate across Europe

What we do

ECBN provides European Services and Tools to its members, like creative companies and entrepreneurs, agencies and creative centres, cities and regions – such as Trade Missions, Easy Landing Points or Digital Marketplace, which are defined and developed further on a year to year basis in ECBN board meetings.

Associate Members

/Associate Members

Nkikia – Lithuania

Nkikia: National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries – Lithuania Founded in 2008 as umbrella organization the National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries unites CCI sectoral associations, creative incubators and institutions, creative enterprises, high education institutions and creative individuals of Lithuania. The misison of Nkikia is to act as facilitator of the Lithuanian CCI [...]

Creative Industries Observatory

Creative Industries Observatory is a portuguese national non-governamental cluster organization that works close to the academic, research, government and cultural institutions together with cultural and creative agents that represents the majority of ICC sectors for study, promote, advocate, empower and develop the cultural and creative industries, sharing knowledge, perspectives and reports for sustainable and fairy [...]


GAIA is the Association of Applied Knowledge and Technology Industries in the Basque Country, and brings together over 280 companies. Its objective is to be a benchmark in Collaborative Innovation for the creation and implementation of globally competitive solutions based on own Knowledge and Technology (Consulting, Engineering, Electronics, Computing, Telecommunications and Gamification). GAIA coordinates the [...]

Community Development Institute Macedonia

Community Development Institute Macedonia is national umbrella association for sustainable development, education and social services. It operates at national and international level, implementing activities in Asia, Caucasus, Africa, Europe and United states.  In order to promote and support economic development and favorable start-up environment, the CDI/URBAN is functioning as business incubator providing support and services [...]


K8 explores the role of co-creation methodologies in processes of change, focusing on process, systemic, and transformation design. Building on the experimental cultures of art and design, K8 remains close to the peer-to-peer dynamics of existing and emerging digital and data cultures. The non-profit research institute was developed by people interested in organizing think tank, [...]


Africa has long been known for its creative production and artistic contributions to the international arts and culture, providing fantastic potential opportunities. Yet many creative talents lack access to opportunities that gives them a fair chance at succeeding in their careers. The rise of technology has paved the way for opportunities, but has equally levelled [...]

Faculty of Fine Arts and Design is part of West University from Timișoara

Faculty of Fine Arts and Design is part of West University from Timișoara, Romania. We have 11 bachelor study programs, 8 master programs and Ph.D. degree on visual art field. We also develop different activities through 4 research centers. Our main goals are to preserve traditional ways of expression but also to find innovative methods [...]

KMU Forschung Austria

KMU Forschung Austria (Austrian Institute for SME Research) is an independent non-university research institute in the field of applied economics and social sciences. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) constitute a core research area. Many years of expertise, interdisciplinarity, compliance with scientific standards, and integration in central (inter-)national research networks are key features of the Institute [...]

fad – Fostering Arts and Design

The Fostering Arts and Design is a non-profit association of professionals and companies connected to arts and design. FAD was founded in 1903 and has its headquarters in Barcelona (Spain). We are a major community with more than 1,000 members around creativity. We bring together interdisciplinary professionals, promote and connect the best practices and the [...]

FabLab Sarajevo

FabLab Sarajevo is an all-inclusive NGO working to increase the promotion of digital fabrication, STEM education, research, and dissemination of innovations in science, engineering, design and arts in our communities. We aim to boost economic growth and address social and environmental challenges in BiH by increasing entrepreneurship, innovation and employment opportunities. Our purpose is to [...]

Norther Dimension Partnership on Culture

The Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture focuses on improving operational conditions for cultural and creative industries, bridging the gap between various sources of funding, sectors of activity and strengthening cooperation between project owners, business communities, the public sector and international institutions throughout Northern Europe

Batumi International Art-House Film Festival (BIAFF)

Batumi International Art-House Film Festival (BIAFF) was established in 2006. The founder and organizer is “Batumi Art-house ARGANI". BIAFF is an annual event held in second half of September in Batumi (Georgia) focusing on art-house cinema. BIAFF festival is a platform which provides all cinema lovers the opportunity to see new films, meet famous film [...]

the artists and the others

  Through their projects, The Artist and the Others foundation aims to overcome the difficulties that artists and cultural professionals encounter in the first years after their studies, a critical period when they need to establish connections, and develop the knowledge and necessary skills to boost their future career. The Artist and the Others only [...]


BRDO is a Creative Hub in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina and gathers around 200 members: (young) artists, freelancers, entrepreneurs, academics and activists, experts/professionals and others aiming to become the above. Their projects are led by an experienced team of eight professionals. In the past 19 years BRDOs projects were predominantly involved with creative industries and giving support and [...]


Mentoring, connecting and investing in people and business to inpower and grow themselves and/or their company. An extensive network of cutting-edge professionals for leveling up in leadership, marketing and sales, primarily within the creative businesses, and also connected to health. Focusing on integrating tech for innovating and disrupting aiming for a better Europe and world. [...]


The creative industry strengthens the innovation capacity of the Netherlands. With its innovation and imaginative power, the sector is an indispensable link in generating answers to major societal issues and in offering a meaningful interpretation to new technological possibilities. CLICKNL , part of the policy of the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, [...]



Cultuurloket offers business inspiration for the entire cultural sector. Where culture, business economy and legal matters converge, lots of questions may arise. Bring these questions to us and we’ll give you first aid advice in return. Cultuurloket strives to make legal, business and business economy affairs more comprehensible, always keeping in mind the essence of [...]

KLUMP Subtopia


KLUMP Subtopia is an incubator and a workspace for innovation and ideas. It is a space where entrepreneurs develop their visions into viable companies in the cultural and creative industries. KLUMP offers coaching, an affirmative environment and a flexible office. > KLUMP Subtopia is located in Alby, south of Stockholm, Sweden, in a creative cluster [...]


Platform is the sector-led moving image cluster organization for Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire.  Launched in March 2017, its mission is to drive the development of the moving image economy in the city region, increasing its economic value, national and international profile and levels of collaborative innovation. The cluster incorporates the film, TV, games, immersive technology and [...]


ARTYSH:LAB is an organisation which gathers musicians and researchers. We are developing concepts of interactive concerts of classical music for babies based on neuroscience.  From that concept we build all other programs for children in all ages and provide trainings for musicians and volunteers. For ARTYSH:LAB in their definition playing is a serious thing and [...]

ANDA Cowork

ANDA Cowork is a collaborative and multidisciplinary co-working space where the Members share work, knowledge and talent with each other. ANDA moves forward with positive attitude as an essential way to establish bonds of trust between its participators. ANDA promote  warmth, respect and friendship among all co-workers and offer a highly adaptable space for a [...]

İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi

                    İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi – Faculty of Communication and MBA Programs The MA Program in Cultural Management presents an interdisciplinary education that provides students with the opportunity to examine cultural structures and policies in both regional and international dimensions within their social, economic and political frameworks. The [...]

The University of Applied Arts Vienna

The University of Applied Arts Vienna takes on the challenge of positively influencing art, research and society. It continuously shapes and directs the present toward the future.  Teachers and researchers, students, alumni, employees and partners unite as a collective that takes a stand for an open society, applying artistic and scientific competences as the key [...]

Kreatives Sachsen

Kreatives Sachsen – das Sächsische Zentrum für Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft ist deutschlandweit die erste Fördereinrichtung, die – aus der Branche für die Branche – von Verbänden der Kultur- und Kreativschaffenden selbst getragen wird. Mit sieben MitarbeiterInnen ist das Zentrum von den drei Standorten Chemnitz, Dresden und Leipzig aus landesweit unterwegs. Die Hauptzielgruppe sind Kultur- und Kreativschaffende in [...]

PPV Knowledge Networks

  PPV Knowledge Networks is an economic development agency developing businesses and business eco-systems. The agency was established in 2008. We are based in Lviv (Western Ukraine). PPV Knowledge Networks is a Business Support Centre set up within EU4Business initiative by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).    We are delivering local and [...]

Creative Commission Mannheim

  THE CREATIVE COMMISSION MANNHEIM is a division of mg: mannheimer gründungszentren gmbh. STARTUP-CITY MANNHEIM startup-mannheim.de is the umbrella brand for Mannheims startup support. The web page serves as a central communication channel for the mg:gmbh, a municipal subsidiary, to inform new entrepreneurs and investors from Germany and the rest of the world about what is [...]

Creative Georgia

  LEPL CREATIVE GEORGIA Creative Georgia presents the legal entity of public law within the Ministry of Culture and Monument protection of Georgia since January, 2017. The organisation is created with an aim to develop Creative Industries Sector (CIS) in Georgia and to implement Creative Europe program on national level. Creative Georgia supports cross- sectorial [...]


ifa laboratory is a consultancy proposing two types of services and creative solutions to businesses, governments and organisations; cultural strategic relations & organisational development. Mission: Delivering highly innovative and unique services bridging in a meaningful way between cultures, entities and people. Vision: Challenging the perception of culture and arts within the business world, making it [...]

Creative Finland

The work of Creative Finland, coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, boosts awareness of the importance of intangible output and intangible value creation to the Finnish economy and for the country's competitiveness. Creative Finland encourages more effective use of intangible assets and the creative economy in different sectors, and helps in identifying [...]

Creative Spark

Creative Spark, centre for creativity and innovation, launched in October 2012 with the goal of providing dedicated creative training and workspace facilities for new and established enterprises in County Louth – a place to work and a place to learn. Creative Spark was conceived with a clear focus on the development of the creative and innovative enterprise sector in [...]

Creative Startup Awards Europe

The aim of these awards is to reward the best startups working on cultural and creative projects in its broadest sense (visual arts, architecture, audio-visuals, literature, music, design and fashion), taking into consideration the originality of the project and its subsequent implementation. Moreover, the project must pursue a transnational geographical dimension, successfully reaching a European [...]

Croation Association of Independant Professionals

We are a nonprofit organization that was formed with the aim of creating, maintaining and promoting a healthy ecosystem for all independent professionals who do business in Croatia. Our work is based on the values of cooperation, openness, community, accessibility and sustainability. http://upis.hdnp.hr/ 

Poligon Institute for Development of Creative Industries

Founded in 2012, as a private non-governmental organization, Poligon institute for development of creative industries is one of the leading Slovenian institutes focusing on the development of the creative industries. Over the past 4 years, Poligon has successfully introduced and popularized coworking and crowdfunding, both nationally and regionally, as innovative concepts that empower independent professionals working in [...]

Nova Iskra

Design Incubator NOVA ISKRA is an independent, innovative and self-sustainable platform for the professional development and affirmation of young industrial and furniture designers, architects, graphic designers, illustrators and all other young creatives from the wide domain of design and visual communications. NOVA ISKRA is above all intended to support young designers at the beginning of [...]