Who we are

European Creative Business Network (ECBN) is a network of creative development agencies and creative centres. Our mission is to support the creative and cultural industries to internationalise – to do business and to collaborate across Europe

What we do

ECBN provides European Services and Tools to its members, like creative companies and entrepreneurs, agencies and creative centres, cities and regions – such as Trade Missions, Easy Landing Points or Digital Marketplace, which are defined and developed further on a year to year basis in ECBN board meetings.

Institutional Member

//Institutional Member

DumBo: Distretto Urbano Multifunzionale di Bologna

Born in 2019, DumBo s a temporary space of urban regeneration in the close outskirt of Bologna (IT), which stands for Distretto Urbano Multifunzionale di Bologna and is an urban district dedicated to art, inclusion, culture, social innovation, creative jobs, sustainability, start-up incubator and sports. Almost 40.000 m2 used as railway complex until 2010 and [...]

Creative Prague

Creative Prague is a non-profit city agency responsible for support and development of Prague's cultural and creative industries. We believe that by bringing together public, private, educational spheres and civic society, we can tackle the next big challenges and not just those within the CCI. Since 2013, we have been implementing R&D activities, providing know-how [...]

creARTive Sweden

creARTive is the national organization for culture incubators in Sweden. It was established in 2019, and currently consists of 11 members, from Lund in the south to Piteå in the north, altogether encompassing approx. 400 companies in development and activities. The purpose of creARTive is: to be a non-profit organization for multidisciplinary incubators for artistic [...]

Zentrum für Soziale Innovation

All innovations are socially relevant! ZSI (GmbH) is a scientific institute founded in 1988 in Vienna deploying research, education, advisory services and co-ordination of networks. ZSI conducts research and application projects on the social embedding and impact of all types of innovations and contributes to the design and diffusion of socially accepted and sustainable innovations [...]

School of Comunication, Arts and Creative Industries – ISEC Lisboa

The School of Arts and Creative Industries of ISEC Lisboa, sited in Lisbon - Portugal, offer university degrees and post-graduations with unique curriculum structures and with the best professionals and researchers in each scientific area of the Courses, wich are: Graphic Design and Print Production, Graphic Arts, Multimedia and Audiovisuals, Communication, Marketing and Digital Marketing, [...]

Sunnmøre Kulturnæringshage


  Sunnmøre Kulturnæringshage AS (SKNH) is a start-up hub for creative business in Norway and part of a national network of start-up hubs and incubators. Located on the North-West coast, SKNH are closely connected to Volda University College from which many of the start-ups emerge. SKNH provides business advice and R&D support for both new [...]

KLUMP Subtopia


KLUMP Subtopia is an incubator and a workspace for innovation and ideas. It is a space where entrepreneurs develop their visions into viable companies in the cultural and creative industries. KLUMP offers coaching, an affirmative environment and a flexible office. > KLUMP Subtopia is located in Alby, south of Stockholm, Sweden, in a creative cluster [...]