Project Description

The University of Applied Arts Vienna takes on the challenge of positively influencing art, research and society. It continuously shapes and directs the present toward the future. 

Teachers and researchers, students, alumni, employees and partners unite as a collective that takes a stand for an open society, applying artistic and scientific competences as the key to furthering that goal: 

We invent new forms of work, education and art.
We create spaces for intellectual and creative endeavors, encouraging an open discourse that is both critical and empathic.
We research and evaluate the chal- lenges facing society.
We explore radical solutions and develop new ideas to co-design and cope with transformations in technology, media and society. 

The complex challenges ahead will require cooperative and multi-faceted approaches. We are not looking for simple answers, but for new questions and creative strategies arising within the context of our day-to-day activity.

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