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Creative Georgia presents the legal entity of public law within the Ministry of Culture and Monument protection of Georgia since January, 2017.

The organisation is created with an aim to develop Creative Industries Sector (CIS) in Georgia and to implement Creative Europe program on national level. Creative Georgia supports cross- sectorial cooperation, alternative thinking and innovative approaches within the state institutions, then in private sector and cultural field in general, by carrying out researches and capacity building activities and providing platforms.


Creative Industries – generator of economic growth and social well-being


Creating favourable environment for creative industries development in Georgia

During 2017 year, Creative Georgia has elaborated its strategy and action plan, developed Research and Capacity building programs. Within these programs we have implemented several projects and activities:

  • Urban LAB RE-concept- the project aims to recreate new models of institutional management and architecture by involving students from different fields. 2 projects have been held in the year, one in Tbilisi Main Library and another in Adjara Youth Palace;
  • Regional Info-tour, that consists of presentations about organization, Creative Industries and Creative Europe Porgramme, as well as trainings and business model review. This year, our organization has visited 16 towns /villages in 3 regions of Georgia (Samtskhe-Javakheti, Kakheti and Adjara);
  • Public lectures – to support awareness rising and information sharing for creative industries representatives;
  • Consultation meetings and public events about Creative Europe Programme;
  • Meetings with local and international, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, private sector and other interested individuals, in order to plan future cooperation.

Georgia with its rich and diverse culture and heritage has a great potential in Creative Industries field. We seek for talented artists willing to make the business out of their work, to reshape the market and to help the development of creative industries throughout the country.



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Creative Industries Development Division
Tiki Baghashvili

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