A recovery budget for Europe needs support for culture

Republished by ECBN from: Culture Action Europe

Culture Action Europe continues to #actforculture advocating for a substantial and sustainable support for culture in a recovery budget for the future of Europe. Reiterating its call to put culture at the centre of the (revised) MFF by doubling the budget for Creative Europe and ensuring at least 1% of the whole long-term budget across policy fields and MFF programmes is earmarked for culture, Culture Action Europe calls on the European Institutions and the Member States to recognise culture as an integral part of the economic, social and environmental recovery plan for Europe within the new MFF and thus support the highly-affected CCSs with at least 7% of the Recovery Fund which is set to front-load money over the first programming years. Read Culture Action Europe’s position on the post-coronavirus 2021-2027 MFF here.

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