Culture Committee chair Verheyen calls for doubling money for Creative Europe

Republished by ECBN from: European Parliament

According to a March 2020 OECD study, spending on recreation and culture is likely to drop by 10% in the G7, listing it among economic sectors worst hit by the pandemic. With a view to the new 2021-2027EU long-term budget (MFF) proposal, Sabine Verheyen (EPP,DE) chair of EP Committee for Culture and Education, said:

“As the Commission works on a new proposal for the EU’s long-term budget, it has a historic responsibility. We need to spend significantly more on culture and double the modest budget for Creative Europe to 2.806 billion. We also need to follow up on the Court of Auditors’ recent report which revealed that, while money for the cultural sector is there, it is dispersed across funds like the Structural Funds and Horizon Europe. Spending on culture therefore needs to be much better coordinated.

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