We’re now six months into our work supporting winning businesses who are using Europeana’s digital heritage content. They have made amazing progress.

A reminder: Europeana Creative is a European project that promotes the re-use of cultural heritage resources by Europe’s creative industries. Primarily, this content comes from Europeana.

As part of the project, we are running five themed challenges – to use Europeana’s content in social media, in design, and others. The first we ran addressed a theme of Tourism. How would creative entrepreneurs use digital heritage to engage with tourists?

Our first winner – still a jewel in our crown – was Trimaps. They use historic maps and GPS technology to add a new experience to a visit to your historic site. This was a great app developed by an impressive team and was a clear winner of the first challenge.

And it’s clear there is huge potential for the use of the maps on Europeana. For example, it’s easy to see how you could spend an amazing day learning a lot  while touring the Yser river using this map from 1914.

So, as they launch their new website, we are delighted to see that Trimaps have a great product ready for use. We’ll look forward to seeing it in action.