ECBN Study Tour 2015 – Madrid

7th, 8th and 9th of May

One more year we are launching our annual study tour of the creative industries, a partnership with the Dutch Creative Residency network. After the exciting editions in Berlin 2013 and London 2014, we are this year targeting vibrant Madrid.

The Study Tour is an ECBN member service, that brings networking, actualization and knowledge sharing together in a perfect blend. While a great way for all participants to learn and share best practices, it is also a chance for garnering new and leading partners in the visited country as well as being the first at spotting new collaboration opportunities.

Previous editions have shown great success in achieving these goals, and are unanimously remembered fondly by all participants. This year, once again, we have an enticing programme featuring ten key players in the Spanish creative industries, a meeting with government representatives, a guided visit to a fascinating urban regeneration project and, not to be forgotten, some great food and wine.

A few highlights of this year’s programme include:

Zinc Shower is a unique and transformative experience where thousands of people gather in a setting dedicated to creativity, entrepreneurship, trends and technology. Through a varied programme of chats, round tables, workshops, networking and shows it brings together the very best national and international speakers so that they may share their experience, knowledge and time with the public as well as hosting a massive call for new projects.Besides visiting the event, the Study Tour group is invited to be part of a networking session with representatives of creative hubs, incubators, accelerators, maker spaces and coworking spaces across Europe.
La Tabacalera is a self-organised, 9200m2 social center. A space for theatre, music, dance, painting, conferences, meetings, audiovisuals workshops,  events, neighborhood actions and more. All these activities have  equal standing within this creative behemoth, whilst it promotes their ideals of collective, public,  transformational interventions.Located within an abandoned tobacco factory turned cultural heritage site, this organization is unique in that it functions as a collective, having no director or obvious leading figures, no outside financing and no profit motives. It lives and breathes because of each of it’s active members.
Factoria Cultural, creative incubator and hub, promotes the development of entrepreneurial initiatives in the various fields of technology, communication and the arts, all included in the CCI. It welcomes charities and other non-profit associations that develop their activity in this sector as well.Located within an old slaughterhouse, Factoria Cultural has turned into one of Spain’s leading creative incubators and is spearheading the sector on a national level.