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Jun 18 – 24, 2018

June 19, 2018, Erasmus+: Digital Literacy for Future Jobs

“90% of future jobs need #digital literacy yet 44% of Europeans lack basic digital skills. In January, the @EU_Commission launched a Digital Education Action Plan to address this à http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-18-102_en.htm”.

June 19, 2018, Ellen MacArthur Fdn.: Watch the live stream of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s flagship event

“The #2018Summit will explore how the digital revolution can make the #circulareconomy a reality. Watch the live stream and all of the related coverage via @thinkDIF at https://www.thinkdif.co/sessions/2018-summit-x-dif”.

June 19, 2018, Hamburg Kreativ Ges.: “Das Tor zu neuen Welten”, by Eva Eusterhus

“Innovative Ideen und kreative Konzepte brauchen den nötigen Raum, um sich entwickeln zu können #Kreativspeicher”. https://www.welt.de/print/die_welt/hamburg/article177797102/Das-Tor-zu-neuen-Welten.html

June 19, 2018, WeMakeThe.City: WeMakeThe.City Festival kicks off!

WeMakeThe.City took place from 20 to 24 June. If you missed it, check the hashtag #wemakethecity to get a feeling of the largest city festival in Europe!

June 19, 2018, DC-Network: SuperNova Fest (Antwerp. 27-30 Sept)

“This year the Creativity World Forum 2018 expands to @SuperNova_eu, the festival of the future and takes place in Antwerp, Belgium from 27-30 Sept. Check out the amazing program!” https://www.supernovafest.eu/

June 20, 2018, Flanders DC: Wallifornia MusicTech 2018

“Do you want to experience the ultimate music tech experience? Make sure to be part of Wallifornia

June 20, 2018, Creative Industries Styria: Graz, ville jeune, créative et design, by Adeline Gressin

“Parlez-vous français? French blogger Adeline Gressin of @voyagesetc spent some time in Graz during #designmonatgraz – this is her story: https://www.voyagesetc.fr/visiter-graz-autriche/ #dmg #dmg18 #graz #unescocitiesofdesign”.

June 20, 2018, ImmerseUK‏‏: ISCF Audience of the Future Challenge Competitions – Resources for Competition Bidders

“Want to find out more about the £17m of #AotF funding that’s now open for applications? Our resources page is a great starting point to hear all about it! https://www.immerseuk.org/resources/iscf-audience-of-the-future-challenges/”.

June 20, 2018, Gov.uk: £20 million government boost for culture and creative industries in England

“Arts Minister Michael Ellis launches £20 million fund for culture, heritage and the creative industries to benefit towns and cities across England”. Read the full press release at: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/20-million-government-boost-for-culture-and-creative-industries-in-england

June 21, 2018, Creative Dundee: WoS Street Art: Artists & Designers Needed!

“If you are an artist/designer and interested in street art, @DundeeCouncil is commissioning individuals to put their art on the Perth Road bins – each successful artist being paid £300 for every bin they work on! The DEADLINE for applications is 4 July! https://creativedundee.com/2018/06/wos-street-art-artists-designers-needed/”.

June 22, 2018, THE ARTS+: Podcast: Fabio Viola on the power of video games-inspired revenue models

“Fabio Viola from @TuoMuseo talks about the immersive and interactive power of video games-inspired revenue models. Listen to our Biweekly #Podcast produced by @detektorfm: https://soundcloud.com/detektorfm-wort/n99-the-arts-tuomuseo-fabio-viola?in=detektorfm-wort/sets/n99-the-arts-podcast-english”.


June 22, 2018, Great Exhibition of the North 2018: #GetNorth2018 has now started!

“We’re so excited to finally #GetNorth2018! Start exploring 3 Get North Trails, over 30 venues & 100s of brand new commissions. Enjoy pop-up events & performances. The next 80-days are packed with powerful art, cutting-edge design & mind-blowing innovation http://www.getnorth2018.com”.