Who we are

European Creative Business Network (ECBN) is a network of creative development agencies and creative centres. Our mission is to support the creative and cultural industries to internationalise – to do business and to collaborate across Europe

What we do

ECBN provides European Services and Tools to its members, like creative companies and entrepreneurs, agencies and creative centres, cities and regions – such as Trade Missions, Easy Landing Points or Digital Marketplace, which are defined and developed further on a year to year basis in ECBN board meetings.



ECBN to participate in the activities to promote A Global Agenda for the Cultural and Creative Industries

The ECBN with its Director Bernd Fesel proudly announces that it will participate in the activities organised by Nesta's Policy& Evidence Center (PEC) to promote A Global Agenda for the Cultural and Creative Industries. It  is the PEC’s contribution to the United Nations 2021 International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development. It was created in response [...]

What is Cultural and Creative Enterprises’ contribution to UNESCO 2005 Convention?

ECBN conducts a Feasibility Study for UNESCO on the Creation of a Regular Consultation Mechanism with Micro, Small and Medium-sized Cultural and Creative Enterprises involved in the implementation of the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions This feasibility study consists of carrying out a preliminary analysis to determine [...]

Develop better skills to achieve a climate-neutral Europe – ECBN, ELIA and ENCATC launch Call for the European Pact for Skills

On Friday October 15 ECBN, ELIA and ENCATC - representing some 580 organisations in Europe - launched an Open Collaboration Process to support the European Pact for Skills in the Cultural Creative Sectors and Industries. The concrete aim is to develop with all interested stakeholders a two pager til March 2022 on the vision, mission, [...]

Culture in International Relations – Culture needs more Power, but first we need a New Culture of Power

On the occasion of FUTURE UNLOCKED on September 14 in Ljubjlana ECBN Director Bernd Fesel moderated the panel "Cultural and creative sectors as drivers of peace and stability". Please find his opening statement here: We welcome distinguished and distinctive partners in international cultural relations to promote peace and stability. we welcome diverse perspectives this morning


Member Forum 2021 – 10 Years Non-Profit Fondation for the Cultural Creative Industries starting the “Great Green Creative Industries Initiative”.

At its 10th anniversary the European Creative Business Network met on September 11 in Ljubljana - just before the opening of "FUTURE UNLOCKED" as part of the Slvoenian EU-Presidency. The member forum 2021 was not only a forum for its 145 members in 40 nations to show case their policies and strategies, it was not [...]

Future Unlocked – The European Creative Industries Summit on Sep 13/14 2021 – A Review

In Ljubljana 150 participants from 14 nations met at Future Unlocked!, a joint event by the European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS21), Creativeforum.si and the Centre for Creativity Slovenia which is hosted by the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Opening ECIS 2021 Bernd Fesel, Managing Director of ECBN, reminded that for Cultural [...]

– 3rd Conference Day of FUTURE UNLOCKED – ECIS21 –

Last Wednesday, June 23rd, the third session of the Future Unlocked Conference took place online. Under the theme “The Future of Creative Skills – Sustainable Entrepreneurs´ Skills for CCIs and Change-Making Skills for Public Service”, participants had the chance to discuss about the skills gaps that exist among creatives and how educational programs address these [...]

Great Green Creative Industries
 & European Emerging Horizons

- 2nd Conference Day of FUTURE UNLOCKED – ECIS21 - This year's ECIS21 (European Creative Industries Summit 2021) conference starts the conversation about the unlocked potentials of the European creative economy. After over one year of lockdown, this year's European Creative Industries Summit wants to show the bright future of cultural and creative sectors. The [...]