On the occasion of FUTURE UNLOCKED on September 14 in Ljubjlana ECBN Director Bernd Fesel moderated the panel “Cultural and creative sectors as drivers of peace and stability“.

Please find his opening statement here:

We welcome distinguished and distinctive partners in international cultural relations to promote peace and stability.

we welcome diverse perspectives this morning

 from nations – being and not being an EU-member
from multi-lateral insitutions outside EU – and of the EU
from institutions rooted in cultural sectors to non-cultural

The diversity of our contributors reflects the diversity of approaches in promoting culture in international relations – and the diversity of angles and starting points, even more so in times of Covid-19 where relations of states undergo dramatic, not only quick, but unforseeable changes.

international relations are changing,

cultures are changing – as they drive or adapt, as they innovate themselves in the Covid-19 crisis

and even more so is the role of CCSI in international relations changing.

Our panelists today assemble an impressive variety of actors leading cultural initiatives in international relations 

  • from promoting cultural heritage, creativity and indigenous people’s knowledge on climate action, mitigation and adaptation
  • to promoting skills in international cultural relations through global relations program
  • to establishing Creative Forums and Cultural Cooperation Programmes.

Above all: The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development is a yearly frame for the future of CCSI in international cultural relations.

“Culture is at the heart of the challenges we face globally, notably the transition towards a green and digital economy. Building forward better and more sustainably will require cultural changes for us all.”

Joint Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Borrell and Commissioners Gabriel and Urpilainen (Commissioner in charge of international partnerships) on World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

In the name of the Slovenian EU-Presidency I am honored to welcome you to debating contributions of CCSI to international cultural relations to promote peace and stability – in fact debating nothing less then the future of international relations.

Bernd Fesel concluded the panel:

“Culture needs more power in International Relations. But first power needs culture. That is: We need a New Culture of Power to give culture the power and freedom in International Relations we hope for – to go beyond power plays and leverage understanding and empathy for diversity.”
Bernd Fesel, ECBN Director

Find the whole program with all speakers here: http://www.creativeforum.si/#Programme