On Friday October 15 ECBN, ELIA and ENCATC – representing some 580 organisations in Europe – launched an Open Collaboration Process to support the European Pact for Skills in the Cultural Creative Sectors and Industries.

The concrete aim is to develop with all interested stakeholders a two pager til March 2022 on the vision, mission, actions and KPIs to skill, re-skill and/or upskill stakeholders in the Cultural Creative Sectors and Industries to contribute:

a.) to achieve better a climate-neutral Europe,
b.) to embrace the digital transformation,
c.) to move towards a new way of working.

Join the call here and frame the future Partnership Programme for the PACT4Skills for Cultural and Creative Sectors & Industries

The EU Commission will offer a tool box of services for the partnerships,
please review for full overview here

Central Services from EU-Commission are developed now and supposed to be, e.g.:

  1. Networking hub, including: support in finding partners and first meetings of the partnerships; linking with existing EU tools, e.g. EuropassSkills PanoramaEURES and European Network of Public Employment Services; promotion of the activities of the Pact members.
  2. Knowledge hub, including: webinars, seminars peer learning activities; updates on EU polices and instruments; information on projects, tools instruments and best practices
  3. Guidance and resources hub, including: access to information on relevant EU funding; guidance to identify financial possibilities; facilitation of exchange between the Pact members and national/regional authorities.”

Can the Digital and Green Transformations really work? Can Climate Crisis be stopped?
Only if we all learn and upskill for a new society and economy – and that will not be easily integrated into our current daily routines.
It needs an extra effort from within the CCSI, their networks and assocations like ECBN, ELIA and ENCATC to skill for the future.
EU Commissioners Gabriel, Breton and Schmit lead the way with the Pact4Skills for Culture and Creativity!

Bernd Fesel, ECBN Director