From Space to Place to Utopia: Utopian visions on selected urban spots Deadline extended to June 15, 2014

We are meant to be young and ride full throttle. Skateboards are cool, snowboards, backflips, home-made bikes, games, social networking. Casual clothes are flowing in the wind and open view to young muscular bodies, photos are taken, films are shot and edited professionally in the home office. The lighting is right, the hair a bit messy, everything is a little crooked and off, but that´s just the style. It´s perfect just like this. Everything is extreme but at the same time slides precisely into the mainstream. And tomorrow? What do you mean „tomorrow“?

Interested in a 1 to 3-month residency in Munich?

During October, November and December 2014 the Villa Waldberta, the international artist-residence of the City of Munich, Germany, will mutate into a “Creative Lab” as part of the EU project “What’s the deal?”(WTD). International artists will be invited for residencies (1 to 3 months) to create utopian visions of selected urban spots.

Learn more on this project on the website of http://whatsthedeal.eu/blog/

Good luck!