Invitation to Traineeship Event


Welcome to an international traineeship event on how to co-create new opportunities for city development and culture. Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities (CCSC) is an initiative to support exploration and learning on how diverse stakeholders, can come together to address local challenges together and find participatory and co-creative solutions to them.

The traineeship event draws on experiences from the work in Skåne – specifically the Urban Lab that took place in Skåne from September to November 2019 – but also the knowledge and questions all participants bring. We invite to a place for peer-to peer learning on processes that opens up for broad participation, unleash creativity and support participants to create impact. The work in Skåne raises questions and dilemmas that we invite to learn about;
  • How could explorative and participatory process be embedded in the more linear “systems” and hierarchies and at the same time contribute to changing them?
  • How can we in one process combine co-creation of policy, supporting participant-driven initiatives and individual learning?
  • What new practices do we need to open up for greater diversity and more mindfully work with power and indifference?
  • How can we both invite to an open, participant driven process and at the same time create conditions for agency, and shared responsibility to act?

The traineeship is an explorative process but also aims to strengthen the capacity to host “labs” – where actors co-create learning and initiatives in the area of arts, culture and societal development.

The traineeship event will be held in English.

5th of March, 12.00 – 17.00
6th of March, 9.00 – 12.00

Malmö, Sweden

David Ershammar, Omtänk utveckling / Malmöakademin
Jesper Hök, Gro – Co-Creating Sustainability

David Ershammar is a process designer and facilitator supporting public and non-governmental organisations better co-create work in the areas of social change and sustainability. He worked with the Skåne Urban Lab process.

Jesper Hök support groups to co-create and learn around leadership and strategy and are right now involved in several initiatives to support actors in the fields of culture and arts to strengthen their role in society.  

For international guests
If you need to make a hotel reservation, youcan get a 15% discount at Story Hotels Studio Malmö. Click here to book a room – use the code “CCSC” to get the discount. Please note that you pay at arrival – you can not get an invoice.

The city of Lund will host a traineeship event one week after this event. Therefore we offer our international guests that would like to stay for both events the opportunity to have a workplace and a guided tour in Skåne in between the two events. Please contact if you are interested in this offer.
Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities (CCSC) is a policy project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. The project is managed by a consortium of ten non-profit and public organisations led by Trans Europe Halles, the European network of non-governmental cultural centres.

At the core of this project, there are Urban Labs based in seven European cities. Each one of them groups together non-governmental cultural organisations and local/regional authorities, as well as other relevant stakeholders. Their goal is to address local challenges together and find participatory and co-creative solutions to them.
Now that the Urban Lab in Skåne is finished, we offer a training programme based on the methodology and experience from both the Urban Lab workshops and the participants own experiences of co-creative processes.  It is a international trainee programme for peer-to-peer learning and a training aiming and strengthen the capacity to host labs and co-creative processes.
Urban Lab Skåne background
During October-November 2019 Region Skåne invited stakeholders from all over the region and from many different levels and sectors in society to three workshops. The purpose was to discuss how we can develop new methods for co-creating policies and activities in order to make better use of culture in society development. How can the supporting structures for culture, business and other sectors cooperate to a larger extent and how can the engagement and knowledge of civil society interact with and influence the political strategies for sustainable local development? What is the best way for regional governments to support local municipalities in enhancing their co-creative capacities? The process and outcome of these workshops is the starting point of the Traineeship Event.

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Movie clip from Skåne Urban Lab