Report on “The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Cultural and Creative Sector

Republished by ECBN from: KEA European Affairs

The COVID-19 pandemic has wounded sociality and limited the possibility to stay together: the essence of many forms of art. This report aims to provide a first analysis on the tremendous impact on the cultural and creative sector (CCS), being defined here as all the sectors whose activities are based on cultural values, or artistic, creative expressions, market or non-market-oriented. The arts and creative activities play a crucial role in the well-being and cohesion of the community, shaping values; they represent the key to assure freedom of expression and innovation. According to the joint statements of Italian, German and Spanish Ministers, culture seems to be recognised, in the political agenda, as “best antidote [..] in the European Community” to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The present work provides a first assessment of the pandemic’s economic impact on the sector, enlightening the intrinsic precarity of its workers. It continues with a panoramic overview on the measures taken at the international, national and local level to tackle the economic and social crisis. A prospective on the “new normalities” provoked by the pandemic conclude the report.

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