Who cares about Creative and Cultural Workers in Europe?

Republished by ECBN from: DISCE

As part of DISCE (Developing Inclusive and Sustainable Creative Economies) a three-year EU H2020 funded project, the organization is interested in mapping – across Europe – organisations that have conducted independent research into the dynamics of creative and cultural work (defined below) as well as the working conditions in the creative and cultural sector. If your organisation has produced any such work in this area, please complete this brief survey (less than 10 minutes) and share it with others. We would like to create a central repository of all organisations operating in this area and reflect on their work and concerns. 

Participation in this online survey is entirely voluntary and all the data will be used anonymously (please read DISCE’s  ethics document). You will be able to select how you would like your data/information to be used at the end of the survey, including receiving the final report, or opt out of further communication. 

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