Creative New Zealand announces its COVID-19-driven investment plan for the next 12 months

Republished by ECBN from: Creative New Zealand, Arts Council of New Zealand

Creative New Zealand will devote the additional $25 million in new money announced by the Government in May, to a 12-month programme of investment through to June 2021. The programme, with some funds opening in early August, includes investment in critical infrastructure and new opportunities to support the arts sector, which is working to survive, adapt and seek new ways to engage the public in a COVID-19-impacted environment. Further information on the opportunities and processes, including a 12-month funding calendar, will be provided on 10 July. The $25 million will be in addition to Creative New Zealand’s usual annual investment, which will be confirmed by the Arts Council at the end of August. By this time, Creative New Zealand expects to also have a better understanding of its role in supporting aspects of the Government’s $175 million wider arts and music recovery package.

“In these past few months we’ve invested more than ever before, drawing heavily on our reserves because we saw the need. We’re excited to have this additional $25 million from the Government and we intend to invest the lion’s share in this programme as we know it will continue to be a very uncertain time for our arts community,” says Arts Council Chair Michael Moynahan.

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