8th European Creative Industries Summit

October 4, 2018, Vienna

A program of the Austria EU-Presidency 2018

Innovation is at the heart of the New European Agenda for Culture 2018-2021 and the European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS) 2018 welcomes leading policymakers like Margarete Schramböck, Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs, Austria, Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport and Christian Ehler, MEP, Co-Chair of the Intergroup “Cultural and Creative Industries” to focus on the innovation potentials and policies for one of the largest and most successful industries in Europe – the Cultural and Creative Industries. With 12 million full-time jobs, cultural and creative sectors amount to 7.5 % of the EU’s workforce, and approximately 509 billion euros in added value to GDP.

BEYOND is the topic of the 8th European Creative Industries Summit 2018: Cross-Innovation as driver for Growth in the European Digital Single Market.

In 2016 the European Parliament recognized the added value of cultural and creative industries in its ”Report on a coherent EU policy for cultural and creative industries”. Many projects and programmes across Europe and in the framework of the Horizon 2020 programme started to finance cross-innovation projects related to the creative industries. These first successes, however, also show that a piece-meal approach to creative industries is not sufficient to create relevant societal and industrial impact for the future of Europe. It is high time – for the best of Europe – to move from piloting projects to mainstreaming the benefits of creative industries as drivers for cross-innovation for the economic and social benefit of Europe.

In January 2018 the European Innovation Council pointed out the need to “avoid a ‘one size fits all’ and target market failures and EU added value with a focus on transformative, breakthrough science leading to market-creating innovations and scaling-up highly innovative firms. These often take shape at the intersection between different technologies, business sectors and scientific disciplines”.

Now BEYOND aims to do the next step to support cross-innovation policies and funding for the cultural creative industries in the next funding period. The conference focuses on growth areas of cross-innovation where creative industries will have an industrial impact and drives growth and well-being for the whole of Europe. Especially at the interface of creative industries and digital technologies, both break-through and incremental innovations can effectively be supported. The range of possible applications is manyfold, for instance in health, mobility, green economy and smart cities.

BEYOND welcomes experienced experts and decision makers for the creative industries such as Prof. Dieter Gorny, Director of the european centre for creative industries, Prof. Pier Luigi Sacco, Special Adviser to the European Commissioner for Culture and Education, Ugo Bacchella, President of Fitzcarraldo Fondazione, Bart Ahsmann, Director of the Dutch innovation agency, CLICK.NL, Eberhard Schrempf, Director of CIS, and Caroline Norbury MBE, CEO of Creative England, the largest public creative industries agency in Europe.

Its results will be documented and proposed to the European Council and the European Commission to set up cross-innovation support policies for the cultural and creative industries within Horizon Europe.

Registration for the conference will start in June.

The full program will be published on ECBN webpage and regularly updated. Stay tuned!



BEYOND is not just another conference, but part of the programme of the Austrian EU-Presidency. It is sponsored by Kreativwirtschaft Austria (KAT) and the european centre for creative economy (ecce), which is co-funded by