Project Description

The (Federation Creative Industries) protects the interests of the Dutch creative industries. With the combined expertise of their members FCI secure that the creative industries will be on top of the political, economic and social decision-making agendas. The efforts exerted by the FCI federation are directed at influencing policy, protecting interests and strengthening the creative sector, in which innovation, talent and internationalisation are our core values. FCI brings their members together to facilitate valuable connections and partnerships that generate new ideas and promote creative as well as commercial successes. In this, FCI contributes to the quality and growth of our economy as a whole.

The growing importance of the cultural and creative sector for the economy requires more joint lobbying by the cultural sector and creative sectors. That is why Kunsten ’92 (with 365 members from art, culture and heritage) and the Creative Industries Federation (with 20 members from design, architecture, fashion, gaming, photography, pop, etc.) have agreed to study the options for collaboration in the very near future.