The Creative FLIP project Stakeholder conference “FLIPPING PERSPECTIVES – MAXIMIZING EXCHANGE” took place March 16th at LaVallée creative hub in Brussels.

This conference was a participatory event gathering main stakeholders of CCS – from EU and national policy-makers, networks and intermediary organizations, to researchers, experts, Voices of Culture process participants and cultural and creative professionals themselves.

The conference tackled the following questions:

  • How do resilient CCS ecosystems address future societal and aconomic transformations?
  • What are appropriate options to “bounce forward” in view of the post-pandemic experience and beyond?
  • What is needed to ensure the rights of artists and cultural workers, fair working conditions and to involve their voice?

Participants had the chance to discuss in a comfortable setting the issues relating to the working conditions of artists, sustainable and  resilient cooperation settings for and with the sector and how to support CCSIs in finding the right opportunities suited to their financing needs, and to strengthen their financial literacy.  Finally, participants got an exclusive glimpse at the upcoming Creative FLIP So You need Money? Tool.

Some parts of the program were live streamed for the online audience, and you can access the video at:

To find more information about the conference and the Creative FLIP project please click here