This year’s #ECIS22 Pre-Conference Break-Out Sessions will address how creative skills and the creative economy support the Green Transition.

How can the creative and cultural industry and sectors support the Green Transformation?

The first part of this year’s ECIS22 GREEN pre-conference, with the first and second Breakout Sessions (BoS#1&#2), will explore the skills needs for a creative green economy and showcase good examples already working towards a carbon-free society. With all #ECIS22 events we try to answer the main question:

The pre-conference starts on Monday the 9th of May after the opening of the Graz Design Month and a weekend of study tours and studio visits in Graz and its surroundings.

Green Skills and Skittles is about acquiring creative skills to support the European Green Deal and the fight for a carbon-free future also through our industry, but also about showcasing good examples and initiatives from the creative sectors. The first part of this pre-conference will focus on the Pact for Skills Blueprint initiative and the requirements for mutualisation in our industry to achieve a large-scale partnership.

The Breakout Sessions (BoS#1): Green Skills will start on Monday the 9th of May with presenting the Creative Pact4Skills to a broader audience. David Crombie, professor at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, will provide an overview of today’s Blueprint initiatives in creative skills and outline the conditions, circumstances and challenges of reskilling and upskilling in the creative sector today. After the keynote, three different initiatives will present their initiatives and activities to promote transversal skills and training to tackle the Green Transition and Cross-Innovationsin the creative sector. A Q&A session will be held for the audience to discuss or add to the proposed recommendations.

The Breakout Session (BoS#2): Great Green Economy is the second part of this year’s Breakout Sessions and will focus on:

How the CCIs can contribute and support the Green Transformation and the SDGs?

In her keynote Caroline Parkinson will present Creative Informatics. In the following session three case studies will present their approaches and methodologies. A green paper on Great Green Creative Industries will then be presented, and a Q&A session will be held for the audience to discuss or add to the proposed recommendations.

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#ECIS22 Pre-Conference: Time: 12.30 -16.00


12.30 Doors Open / Zoom open for informal networking

13.00 Opening: Welcome: Kai Huotari, Managing Director, Kaapeli (Finland); ECBN Board member

13.10 BoS#1, Creative Pact4Skills and Skills Blueprint

13.15 Keynote: David Crombie, HKU Utrecht, Creative Skills Blueprint

13.30 Case studies

  • Kerstin Pell, JKU
  • Florian Schneider, NTNU
  • Karin Gabriel, ARS Electronica

14.00 Conversations & Recomendations

14.30 Bos#1 End

PART 2 PRE-CONFERENCE 14.30 – 16.00

14.30 BoS#2 Great Green Economy

14.35 Keynote: Caroline Parkinson, Una Europa / Creative Informatics, University Edinburgh

14.50 Case studies 

  • Alison Tickell, Julie’s Bicycle
  • Harald Gründl, EOOS Next Circular Economy
  • Io Tondolo & Ithse Petz, Zweck Zwei
  • Anja Abicht, Creatives for Future

15.30 Conversations & Recomendations

16.00 Closing Words