Who we are

European Creative Business Network (ECBN) is a network of creative development agencies and creative centres. Our mission is to support the creative and cultural industries to internationalise – to do business and to collaborate across Europe

What we do

ECBN provides European Services and Tools to its members, like creative companies and entrepreneurs, agencies and creative centres, cities and regions – such as Trade Missions, Easy Landing Points or Digital Marketplace, which are defined and developed further on a year to year basis in ECBN board meetings.

Board Members

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Kaapeli - the Cable Factory is the largest cultural centre in Finland. It houses 3 museums, 10 galleries, dance theatres, art schools, artists, bands and companies. Unique spaces are also available for rent on a short-term basis to stage concerts, exhibitions, festivals and fairs. Around 900 people work at the Cable Factory on a daily [...]

Kreativ München

The Team of Excellence for the Culture and Creative Industries is a service provided by the City of Munich to support the culture and creative industries in the Munich Metropolitan Region. It offers free advice to individuals and companies working in every segment of these multi-faceted industries, supports their image building and networking efforts, and [...]

Kreativgesellschaft Hamburg

The ‚Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft‘, an institution of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg founded in 2010, has established itself as a central point of contact and service for players in Hamburg’s creative industries. In addition to workshops, lectures and networking events, the institution also offers individual consulting, coaching, crowdfunding and assistance in financing and [...]

Kreativwirtschaft Austria

    The creative industries in Austria are made up of self-employed persons and enterprises in fields such as design, fashion, advertisement, the film and music industry, architecture, software and games, publishing, radio and photography who are engaged in the creation, production and distribution of creative and cultural products and services. The creative industries effect [...]

Department of Culture, Youth and Media of Flanders

The Department of Culture, Youth and Media of Flanders implements the Flemish Government’s policy on culture, youth and media.  Pursuing a long-term vision and acting as a junction between society and policy, the department stimulates the development of spheres of cultural and social interaction. As a leading partner it aims to build a creative and [...]