Project Description

The Puglia Creative District is an association recognized in 2012 by Apulia Region, according to Regional law 23\2007, representing more than 150 cultural and creative enterprises based in Puglia (IT).
  • Performing arts: theatre, dance, music, festival
  • Cultural industries: cinema, media, audiovisual, gaming, software, publishing
  • Creative industries: design, Made in Italy, architecture, communication agencies
  • Heritage: visual arts, cultural hub,  cultural heritage, entertainment places
  • Creative driven: social innovation, services, training

Our network is also composed by universities, public and private institutions active in the field of education, research and vocational training, institutions and public companies, trade associations and regional trade union.

We work
– To give a single voice  to the fragmented micro cosmos of the regional creative and cultural enterprises (CCIs) supporting them in  future challenges: innovation, internationalization, trasnational mobility, sharing economy, cross-fertilization
– To pursue a systematic interaction between regional, national, EU policy makers for inclusion of cultural and creative industries into relevant strategies for unleashing their potential in terms of local development
 – To build a community creating and strengthening networks and clusters to innervate local economies with contaminations and positive impacts. 
– To promote the growth of our members facilitating the access to in-depth informations about financial instruments and measures, nurturing positive interaction with Public Institutions.
– To professionalize our members promoting vocational and training actions and knowledge transferring.
§  investments in innovation, digitalization and technology
§  innovation of cultural languages and contents qualifying products and services
§  development of management skills and business model
§  strategies for audience development  and  market access


OCSE, Puglia Creative District was selected as best practice in the event “Co-operative Action Program on Local Economic Employment Development (LEED) (Paris 10th of November 2015)
Italian Ministry of economic development, Puglia Creative District participates at the national institutional table on Cultural and Creative Industries
Italian Ministry of heritage and culture, Puglia Creative District participates at the national table on cultural district policy in Italy
Apulia Region, Puglia Creative District participates at the technical table for the project “Design in Puglia” and in the consultation regarding regional policy for economic development, cultural and creative industries, tourism and training
SYMBOLA, Puglia Creative District is member, together they promoted the research “Creative in Puglia”
ARTLAB, Puglia Creative District is partner since 2014
Ch.IMERA, Puglia Creative District is partner of the project financed by the MED program 2014-2020

TRACES, Puglia Creativa District is partner of the project financed by Greece-Italy program 2014-2020

ATLAS, Puglia Creativa District is partner of the project financed by Italy-Croatia program 2014-2020
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