Project Description

The School of Arts and Creative Industries of ISEC Lisboa, sited in Lisbon – Portugal, offer university degrees and post-graduations with unique curriculum structures and with the best professionals and researchers in each scientific area of the Courses, wich are: Graphic Design and Print Production, Graphic Arts, Multimedia and Audiovisuals, Communication, Marketing and Digital Marketing, Cibersecurity, Data Protection, Privacy and Author Rights. The teaching team has a scientific training of the highest level and is characterised by pedagogical excellence, based on current teaching conceptions and methodologies.
The identity of the school and, of course, of the courses it holds, is based on the complementarity of theoretical and artistic training with an intense and permanently updated technical and technological training. This double concern has been able to launch graduates who are able to integrate into an extremely competitive labour market. ISEC Lisboa leads and site the TGRAF – International Studies and Research Center for Graphic Technologies and Scientific Communication, the MATERFAD Lisboa – Inovative Materials Center, as well the Creative Industries Portuguese Observatory.