Welcome to this edition of our monthly member spotlight, now introducing one of our most recent members: creativ wirtschaft Austria . We are truly very excited to receive these guys in our midst, another of the Austrian representatives to join the network, and will be looking forward to future exciting cooperations this might foster.

In  this short interview with cwa’s managing director Michaela Gutmann we want to give you the gist of what creativ wirtschaft Austria is all about, their vision on the industries in Austria and by doing so prepare the ground for upcoming collaborations. Check their answers below, and if this leaves you wanting to know more do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. First off, can you tell our members a bit about creativ wirtschaft austria and what you do?

Creativ wirtschaft austria holds as its remit the interests of the Austrian creative industries, both at a national, European and international level. We exist as an integral part of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, specifically committed to developing the creative industries in Austria and creating connections with other sectors.


Michaela Gutmann, managing director at creativ wirtschaft Austria

wko creativwirtschaft, 28.09.2010

Gerin Trautenberger, elected president at creativ wirtschaft Austria



Since 2008 creativ wirtschaft austria has been a partner in “evolve”, the national strategy of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy to promote innovation in the creative economy.





  1. In which ways do you support the creative industries?

Our activities encompass three areas:

1) Skills Development – creativ wirtschaft austria supports the economical success of creative people, regardless of their Economic Chamber membership. We offer both tangible services and networking of companies and intermediaries.

2) Representation of Interests – creativ wirtschaft austria acts as an advocate for the interests of the creative economy and is active in creating a supportive environment.

3) Information and Awareness – creativ wirtschaft austria sees itself as a knowledge hub, commissioning studies into and increasing the visibility of the achievements of the creative sector.


3. Your work represents the Austrian creative industries. What are opportunities and barriers to the sector in Austria?

Against the background of increasing globalisation, ever faster technological developments and an increasing orientation towards innovation and services, hardly any other industry has gained as much importance in the recent years as the creative sector. With a better consideration of the creative industry potential in the European innovation policy and targeted measures based on creative industry strategies of the European Union can the creative industry be strengthened and her innovation and growth share for Europe can be further increased.

In order to benefit from the  potential, the creative industries have to be addressed in the EU funding programs. The implementation of the planned guarantee fund, as part of the “Creative Europe” program for creative industries, is of particular importance. It is an important tool to address one of the biggest obstacles to growth withi
n the creative industries: lack of funding.

4. What are your top three pieces of advice for creative entrepreneurs?

  • Life is a Pitch! Only when you are pitching and communicating greatly,  your skills and offers will generate more projects
  • Solo, is so 90’s. Start with friends and a good network, to help each other with ideas and in time of need: generate therefore a greater and lasting turnover
  • I am Groot! Grow slowly and carefully to improve your network and skills.

5. Finally, does creativ wirtschaft austria have any exciting plans for the future you’d like to share with us?

In order to support the operational environment of the creative industries, to show the potential of the creative industries as an economic sector to other sectors and business places in Austria, creativ wirtschaft austria supports and commissions industry and market studies and statistical analysis in the sector. You could see this as a “data pool” for creative businesses.

In April creativ wirtschaft austria publishes the Sixth Austrian Creative Industries Report with the focus on creative industries and their markets (available soon for download here).