new alliances, festivals, policies, conferences, leading funding agencies or best practice entrepreneurs – all around the latest trends in innovation are featured in the ecbn Newsletter September 2017.

Innovation is the Trend-Topic in this policy and conference autumn 2017

We are all aware of policy and markets hypes – of its advantages and disadvantages. Let us make the best out of this (re-)new attention for innovation and the role of creative industries – the best in the interest of creative industries would be changes in national definitions and funding of innovation – to integrate on eye-level non-tech innovation besides the tradition of tech innovation. No doubt: tech innovation is crucial and indespendable – but so is today non-tech innovation.

In this September edition of our ECBN newsletter we are presenting two industry cross overs as good cases for this years ecbn summit focal point (-> Cross Overs). The ECBN Board wants also to foster the cooperations among Members, so today we want to present one of the founding members the Creative Industries Styria (-> CIS). And please SAVE THE DATE for the 7th ECBN Summit, 27th of November, Brussels (Summit).

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The ECBN Executive Board
Bernd Fesel, european centre for creative economy, Germany
Gerin Trautenberger, Kreativwirtschaft Austria, Austria,
Michal Hladky, Creative Industry Kosice, Slovakia
Mehjabeen Patrick, Creative England, United Kingdom