EU-28 New Entrepreneurs (NEs) are now invited to apply for 1-3 months exchanges in the USA, Singapore or Israel. ECBN can help Dutch entrepreneurs to find a suitable host for a fruitful exchange in one of these exciting destinations.

The pilot project EYE Global builds on the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) programme with the aim to test its geographical extension beyond the borders of Europe. In this pilot 3 destinations were identified: the USA (states New York and Pennsylvania), Israel and Singapore. The pilot concerns one-way entrepreneurial exchanges of 1-3 months for European New Entrepreneurs (open only for EU 28 residents) going to the targeted non-European hosting countries. The NEs´ exchange is partly co-financed by the EU. A lump sum to cover travel costs (800,- EUR for USA and Singapore, and 600,- EUR for Israel), as well as a monthly subsistence allowance of 1000,- EUR is offered by the EU.

New Entrepreneurs (NE) are defined as individuals with firm intention to start business or individuals who have less than 3 years of entrepreneurial experience. Their status can vary from unemployed, students to employed or self-employed. NEs who fulfil the eligibility criteria (previous participants of EYE will be eligible, providing that they had their EYE exchange before the start of EYE Global in March 2018) will be able to apply to the programme via the IT tool at

The EYE Global is an entrepreneurship exchange mentoring programme. Its aim is personal exchange of knowledge and experience between an aspiring or newly established entrepreneur and a seasoned, experienced entrepreneur. The exchange is based on a win-win situation whereby both sides have the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge. Typically, for the new entrepreneur, it would be acquiring experience and advice from an experienced entrepreneur; developing international contacts, acquiring knowledge about foreign markets. On the other hand, the Host Entrepreneurs, owners of an SME, get the opportunity to: access new skills and innovative knowledge; work with a fresh mind contributing to new ideas; gain ‘intelligence’ about foreign markets; establish new business partnerships with an entrepreneur from Europe.

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Source: adapted from EU Pilot project Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global, Information package for the IOs

EXCITE 2.0 represents the consortium of 8 partners – Intermediary Organizations in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme with a particular focus on entrepreneurship in Creative and Culture Industries: Creative Industry Košice; European Creative Business Network; Ale municipality; Creative Region Linz and Upper Austria; City of Gelsenkirchen; Poligon; Kulturni Kod and C2MASI. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs (New Entrepreneurs) the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs (Host Entrepreneurs) running small businesses in other participating countries.