Future Unlocked – this year’s European Creative Industries Summit 21 contributes to the unlocked potentials of the European creative economy and recovery of Europe. After more than a year of lockdown, this year’s European Creative Industries Summit would like to shed light on the bright future of Europe with support of cultural creatives – from local to global, from live to digital.

The conference Future Unlocked! is a joint event by the European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS21), Creativeforum.si and the Centre for Creativity Slovenia which is hosted by the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS) is a yearly conference organised by the European Creative Business Network (ECBN).

This conference will address the urgent challenges connected with the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, it also wants to start forward-looking conversations about the possible contributions of the Culture and Creative Sectors towards a green transformation, which now is also supported by Europe´s Green Deal. To tackle upcoming crises, this conference also underlines the need for new skills acquisitions and supporting creatives in their lifelong learning efforts. In addition, this conference resides the needs of creative innovations, as advanced by the new EU Horizon Program and EU funding, as well as the needs of creative administrations and bureaucracies to make the Recovery Europe program a success in re-building a better Europe.

Together in Distance: Physically distanced, together in diversity but socially connected

This year’s ECIS21 starts as an online PRE-Conference on the 21st of April with the aim of gathering as many people and ECBN Members as possible to prepare the final conference day on the 12th and 15th of September. The following preparation conferences will be organised by ECBN on the 20th of May and 23rd of June as online gatherings. Our guiding principle is together in distance: where we are physically distanced but remain socially connected. If the Covid-19 hygiene requirements allow greater gatherings, ECBN together with MOA muzej za arhitekturo are planning to organise this year’s ECIS21 conference as an analogue event.

For the last conference days on 12 and 13 September ECIS21, as usual, all ECBN members, guests and experts as well as politicians and EU representatives are invited to Ljubljana, Slovenia: This year’s ECIS central meeting point for leading Creative Economy Institutions, Intermediaries and Professionals.


1st Session The Opening of ECIS2021, 24.4.2021

United Nations World Creativity and Innovation Day

April 21 2021/Wednesday

9.30 ReceptionGatheringSlack
9.55 StartingCountdownVideo Clip
10.00 Opening SpeechBernd FeselLive
Unlocking Creative Industries to Unlock Europes’ Futures
10.15 Europe and its HorizonsChristian EhlerLiveStatement
10.30 The Green Creative IndustriesAlison TickellLiveStatement
10.45 Creative Skills to unlock EuropeRita OrlandoLiveStatement
11.00 Creative Bureaucracy to unlock EuropeCharles LandryLiveStatement
11.15 Break out Session in MiroAll ParticipantsLive in Zoom
Collect Ideas, Topics and Speackers for the ECIS2021 Programm
11.30 Debating with SpeakersECBNLive in Zoom
12.00 Closing words and Outlook ECBNLive in Zoom

2nd Session

Great Green Creative Industries & European Emerging Horizons
This secound conference days propels around the necessity of a greener creative economy and how or what our industry can contribute to the European Green Deal. At the same time we will discuss what the new European Horizon program is about and how the CCS can benefit from its program and its calls. Also, we will explore the The New European Bauhaus initiative and how such initiative impact on our sector.

May 20 2021/Thursday

Host Organisation: Creative Industries Styria

9.45 Reception
10.00 Start
Welcome – Anja Zorko, Head, Centre for Creativity, Ljubljana
Introduction – Bernd Fesel, ECBN Director
Host of the day Eberhard Schrempf, Creative Industries Styria, Graz
10.10 BYT: Bring Your Thing – Celebrate
Great Green Creative Industries
10.15 Host: Eberhard Schrempf, Creative Industries Styria, Graz
· Climate change is a cultural challenge, Alison Tickell, Julie’s Bicycle, London
· How to contribute to the SDGs through Communication Design, Sigrid Bürstmayr, FH Jonneum
European Emerging Horizons
10.45 Host: Gerin Trautenberger, Kreativwirtschaft Austria, The-Fed-Academy for Funding and Financing
· Impact investment from niche to mainstream, Juliane Schulze, Mediadeals
· Regional Public Investment: Camilla de Epalza Azqueta, European Union Policy Officer at Basque Government Delegation to the European
11.15 Parallel Break out Sessions
BoS#1: Great Green Creative Industries hosted by Eberhard Schrempf
BoS#2: The-Fed-Academy by Gerin Trautenberger
11.50 Return to plenum and reports by hosts
Summary by Eberhard Schrempf, Creative Industries Styria, Graz
11.50 Closing words – Bernd Fesel

3rd Session

The Future of Creative Skills
Sustainable Entrepreneurs´ Skills for CCIs and Change-Making Skills for Public Service
On the third day of the conference, all participants will talk about the skills gaps that exist among creatives and how educational programs address these needs. On the second track, together with the Creative Bureaucracy Festival, we will examine good cases and the need for creative management for a good, better and creative bureaucracy.

June 23 2021 / Wednesday

Host Organisation: Cultural Capital Matera 2019/ DeuS

9.45 ReceptionGatheringSlack
10.00 Opening and IntroductionBernd FeselLive
The Future of Creative Skills is the Future of Europe
Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research and Culture
10.09Bring your Blue thing – Fotoposter Session
10.10The Future of Creative Skills: BoS#3
IntroductionRita Orlando,
Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation & DeuS Coordinato
**Innovative Skills ProgramsPier Luigi Sacco, IULM
**Skills Smart TCLF 2030
Enhancing the modernisation and competitiveness of the EUs Textile, Clothing, Leather and Footwear (TCLF)
Lisa Lang, euratexLive
Next generation of International SkillsNoel Kirthiraj, Maajja for CCI entrepreneurs TorontoLive
10.40 Change-Making Skills for Public Service: BoS#4
IntroductionCharles Landry, Creative Bureaucracy FestivalLive
City of AmsterdamGer BaronLive
GovLabAustriaUrsula RosenbichlerLive
11.10 Parallel Break out Sessions BoS#3 & BoS#4ALL HostsZoom
Zoom Collect Ideas and Q&As to the Programm
11.40 Welcome back to Full AudienceBernd FeselLive
11.45 Presentation Results BoS#3Host: Rita OrlandoZoom/Video
11.50 Presentation Results BoS#4Host: Charles LandryZoom/Video
12.10Rym Ayadi EuroMediterranean Economists Association (EMEA)
12.15 Closing Words – OutlookBernd FeselZoom/Video
12.20 End of Session

ECIS2021 Conference – First Conference Day

Venue: Kongress Hall, LIVE and STREAMED

September 12

Member Forum

13.00 Reception
Creative Exchange Forum (local & european steakeholders / Poster Session)
13.30 Welcome and OpeningKai Huotari, Kaapeli / ECBN Board
Member Forum / Get to Know
10.10 Parallel Workshops, Seminars Break out sessions (BoS)
A Creative KIC, EIT
Financing CCI
Brexit WorkshopNN, Creative England
New European BauhausNN, UPTEC, Port
11.30 Re-Gathering
11.35 Report of BoSs
12.00 Closing Member ForumNN, ECBN Board
18.30 Networking DinnerBernd Fesel & ECBN Board
NN, Slovenian EU-Presidency
19.30 Cultural Programm and Networking

ECIS2021 Conference – Second Conference Day

Venue: Kongress Hall, LIVE and STREAMED

September 13

Member Forum

9.30 Joint Opening of ECIS 2021
ECBNBernd FeselLive/Vimeo
Creative ForumTBC
Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Slovenian Ministry of Economic Affairs
9.50 Expert Forum
Presentinf of BoS/Expert Workshops HostsLive/Vimeo
10.00 WorkshopsBoSBoS
14.00 Policy Forum
KeynoteEU CommissionLive/Vimeo
KeynoteMichela MagasLive/Vimeo
Export Forum Presentations (3 Min. each)
Creative ForumNNClip/Vimeo
Creative SkillsRita OrlandoClip/Vimeo
Creative BureaucracyCharles LandryClip/Vimeo
The Green CCIAlison TickellClip/Vimeo
EU and its HorizonsNNClip/Vimeo
High-Level Panel & DebateLive/Vimeo
Slovenian Minister(s)
EU Commissioner Breton TBC
Martin Kern, Director EIT
16.00 Closing ProgrammECBNLive/Vimeo