Policy, Business, Education, Research and Tech in the Creative Industries
Weekly, Dec 11 – 15 2017
by Bernd Fesel

ECBN follows developments in the Creative Industries and compiles a weekly review – inevitably incomplete and inspiring.

Dec 15, Italy, Startup Europe Awards is an „international competition promoted by the European Commission and Finnova Foundation to stimulate open innovation and collaboration between the different actors of the European ecosystem through public-private partnerships in support of the entrepreneurs.“

Dec 14, The Netherlands, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht: 5th Creative Industries Research Seminar „brings together several researchers working on business and management-related questions on the creative industries (including the creative industries as such, as well as the arts and cultural heritage) in and around the Netherlands.“

Dec 14, The European Council, Conclusions, specifically: „the European Council also asks the Commission, the Council and the Member States to examine possible measures addressing: legal and financial framework conditions for the development of cultural and creative industries and the mobility of professionals of the cultural sector.“
Take a closer look ! The Council also addresses climate change without linking to education, culture or creative industries – though in the same document. silos everywhere, still a long way to go for silo-free innovative thinking !

Dec 14, Belgium, Bozar, Launch of RENAISSANCE , „a new artistic and discursive plattform
Keenly aware of the history of other large-scale recurring art events, the partners organize an international symposium focused on the development of these manifestations. The symposium will openly propose Brussels as the venue for the development of this radically innovative new platform.“

Dec 14, United Kingdom, NESTA, Conference „The Future of Innovation Policy“ with „Stian Westlake, policy adviser to the minister of state for science and innovation, Jonathan Haskel professor of economics at Imperial College Business School and David Willetts, former UK science and innovation minister.“ Replay Live Stream

Dec 14, The Netherlands, CLICKNL, publishes ThingsCon Amsterdam aftermovie

Dec 14, United Kingdom, Creative England, BeMoreMoss
“It’s very hard to be creative on your own. It takes encouragement” Louise Pasterfield, Sponge UK Managing Director / CEO and Founder, speaking as part of our #BeMoreBoss campaign. Read more about Louise and #BeMoreBoss:

Dec 14, Decision Against Net Neutrality, Guardian Opinion by Matt Stoller
„Ajit Pai, Donald Trump’s choice to chair the Federal Communications Commission, will force a vote to repeal net neutrality protections for broadband providers. This is an important step backwards for our democracy. It will affect what consumers pay for broadband and what we can buy. More importantly, it will affect what we as citizens can say and to whom we can say it.“

Dec 13, TED TALK, Nikhil Pahwa, „Think the fight for net neutrality in the US is over? It’s just beginning.“

Dec 13, United Kingdom, Creative Industries Federation announces new Board Members and New Plans for 2018
„Federation Chair Rick Haythornthwaite comments: “Our impressive board line-up is testament to the influence of the Federation and its role in bringing the different sectors together to ensure the creative industries remain at the forefront of the political agenda.“

Dec 11, The Netherlands, Amsterdam Economic Board, Wikihouse: downloaden, printen, bouwen.
„Het WikiHouse is een innovatief product waarmee je je eigen huis kunt ontwerpen, digitaal uitzagen en bouwen. Een mooi voorbeeld van digitalisering en een belangrijke ontwikkeling in de betaalbare en duurzame woningbouw.“


Dec 11, Finland, Arts for Policy Making
„What role should the arts and creative sectors and people active within them have in creating our future? Creative and Inclusive Finland organised a seminar called Arts for Policy Making in Helsinki, Finland, on December 11, 2017. The seminar consisted of a keynote speech by Venu Dhupa, commentary by Jyrki Kangas and three workshops.“

Dec 11, Germany, european centre for creative economy, tobedebated#3 on The Power of Partnerships with Dr. Marilena Vecco is Associate professor in Entrepreneurship at Burgundy Business School, Dijon (France) and Prof. Dr. Elmar D. Konrad has been Professor in Entrepreneurship and director of the iuh – Institut für unternehmerisches Handeln (Institute for Entrepreneurship) at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz (Germany).

Dec 11, Malta, Arts Council Malta, „People in Malta were the most likely from all other EU member states, to donate money or other resources to an organization that is active in the field of cultural heritage at 19%, according to the Eurobarometer on Cultural Heritage“. More