Seven ideas for a European Cultural Recovery Plan

Republished by ECBN from: Le Grand Continent

In recent months, the European Union has made a lot of progress in terms of Sense, but not in terms of Sensibility. For feelings are on a par with reason, when it comes to winning the support of the people that determine the outcome of elections. That is why, if we really want to move Europe forwards today and overcome nationalist impulses, we need a Plan for the Cultural Recovery of Europe in addition to a financial Recovery Plan.

The aim of this policy paper is to outline the possible contours of such an initiative. Proposals presented in this paper all share the idea that, beyond the taboo of debt mutualisation, the time has come to break a taboo that is perhaps even more deeply rooted in the European construction : that of identity neutrality, which has led European institutions to neglect cultural policies and systematically reject any symbolic dimension, in favour of a pragmatic approach entirely devoid of emotion.

The full version is available in French here.

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