ECOWAS and UNESCO sign joint statement on response to COVID-19 in West African countries

Republished by ECBN from: ReliefWeb

Within the framework of the ECOWAS-UNESCO Memorandum of Understanding, the UNESCO Regional Director, Yao Ydo and the ECOWAS Commissioner for Education, Science and Culture, Leopoldo Amado signed a joint statement on 3rd July 2020, for a joint response to COVID-19 in West African countries. The response is in line with UNESCO’s mission of contributing to the building of a culture of peace, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue, and the mandate of ECOWAS to promote socio-economic integration and development in all its Member States.

Conscious of the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on health, education, socio-cultural and economic activities of all 15 member-states of ECOWAS, the two entities have developed a joint work plan of interventions to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

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