Report: Guiding resilient financing systems for the CCS – Creative FLIP publishes analysis report

Republished by ECBN from: Creative FLIP

Uncertainty related to cultural and creative systems became clearly visible through the 2020 health crisis and follow-up disruptions. Challenges of the overall system like lack of social protection rights for larger parts of the cultural and creative sectors and producers as well as fragmentations in public support are experienced with harsh brutality in spring 2020. Maybe the time has come for sustainable changes in the CCS financing systems and considerable empowerment of all (CCS) actors? In the affirmative case, a reflection is needed how these adaptations and new support mechanisms should look like. This new report on Guiding resilient financing systems for the CCSaims at providing a first attempt towards the development of a more resilient CCS Access to Finance ecosystem – able to better face current and probably upcoming crisis situations.

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