Report: COVID-19 survey “Festivals’ needs and commitments”

Republished by ECBN from: European Festivals Association

COVID-19 has hit all cultural and creative sectors and within the sector festivals particularly. Because festivals have their own specificities, the European Festivals Association has conducted the survey “Festivals’ needs and commitments” from 7 April until 31 May 2020. The questionnaire helped the association gather as much information as possible on the impact of this crisis at its very beginning and have an accurate picture of the festivals’ situation. The present report Festivals’ needs and commitments. Report on the occasion of the COVID-19 surveyhighlights the answers of 208 different festivals from 37 countries. Many question marks, unsafety and uncertainty were noticed about the consequences of this crisis and the fact that federations play an important role for festivals.  The report covers diverse fields: the dimensions of damage and loss handling, but also silver linings like alternative solutions and positive legacies. Next to the conclusions, the report also includes recommendations for the future. 

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