Measures adopted by the government of the Republic of Croatia to assist the cultural sector minimise the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

Republished by ECBN from: Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Culture

At the beginning of March, the Ministry of Culture started adopting measures with the aim of effectively responding to the crisis due to the COVID-19 epidemic and to protect cultural values and all stakeholders who act and create in the field of culture. The Ministry has taken measures that cover all artists and cultural workers who have lost the opportunity to work and whose social and economic status is fundamentally endangered. As part of the revised budget, the Ministry of Culture ensured 48.000.000,00 million Kuna (approximately 6.300.000,00 euros) for the Crisis Fund to help the cultural and media sector.

Additionally, the Croatian presidency of the EU has published an overview of national measures for the cultural and creative sector because of the #Covid-19 crisis. Read them here.

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