Understanding changes to the way that we consume culture at home during COVID-19: Week six of the six-week study

Republished by ECBN from: PEC

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and the lockdown has changed the way in which we experience cultural content. Movement restrictions leading to more time in the home, the mental wellbeing consequences of social distancing and the huge economic uncertainties, have disrupted the way that the public have accessed digital content over the past few weeks during the lockdown, and will likely continue in the long-term. Monitoring the nature and impacts of these disruptions has been critically important to understand the impact that the crisis is having on the Creative Industries, like film, TV, music, video games, publishing and theatre. In different ways these sectors generate billions of pounds of value added for the UK economy through physical engagement with consumers.

The six-week study ran from 9th April to 20th May 2020. Today the Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre (PEC) are reporting on the final week, including insights from across the study for each of the five main content categories of Music, Film, TV, Video Games and E-publishing. In the coming weeks a fuller report will be produced, with new analysis and data looking across the whole study.

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