Understanding changes to the way that we consume culture at home during COVID-19: Week four of the six-week study

Republished by ECBN from: PEC

Over the first four weeks that involves this Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre (PEC) study, some highlights include the fact that Some content categories have shown a downward trend overall in total weekly consumption. The activities seeing a general decrease in weekly engagement are: 1) Watching live social media streams or broadcasts; 2) Looking at art or paintings online; 3) Online learning such as watching free to access videos; 4) Playing online multiplayer video games. In terms of wellbeing measures, while the extent to which respondents feel that the things they do in life “are worthwhile” remained stable, this metric continues to be significantly lower than in week 1. Encouragingly, however, levels of “anxiety” continued to decline and were also significantly lower than in week 1. The full report for week 4 also includes relevant insights from the previous weeks.

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