Bernd Fesel, Managing Director of the European Creative Business Network (ECBN), took part on March 16th at the symposium “Heritage for the Future, Science for Heritage: A European Adventure for Research and Innovation” organised by the Foundation for Heritage Science. 

The event which took place in a hybrid format during March 15th and 16th was structured around four themes: a reflexive heritage for a resilient society, sustainable management of cultural heritage, cultural heritage in a changing context, and cultural heritage climate and environment change. 

Bernd Fesel’s intervention was during the Plenary Session 4 about the cultural and creative industries and their recent developments linked to digital technology and how they could be applied for heritage science. 

“Heritage at the cross-roads of culture and research can inspire the imaginations we need for a resilient future”.

Bernd Fesel, ECBN Managing Director

The conference also tackled the issue the climate change and its impact on cultural heritage. This urgent and important theme will be further addressed during the next #ECIS22 GREEN Conference standing for the re-imagination, re-focusing and re-framing of policies for the cultural creative sectors and industries (CCSI). 

Click here for more information about the #ECIS2022 GREEN Conference.