–  The European Parliament adopted the new Research and Innovation Programme 2021-2017 –

“This is a historic vote for Europe: all political groups together calling for a more ambitious research and innovation programme. A budget increase to €120bn is the minimum for Horizon Europe to assure that European industry remains competitive compared to the United States and China”.

Christian Ehler, MEP and rapporteur for the Implementing Horizon Europe proposal.

MEP Ehler points out the first time ever cluster for an inclusive and creative society within the Research and Innovation Programme – with a budget of approx 3,0 Billion Euro its focus is:

“The European Cultural and Creative sector builds bridges between arts, culture, business and technology. Furthermore, especially in the field of digitalisation, Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) play a key role in reindustrialising Europe, are a driver for growth and are in a strategic position to trigger innovative spill-overs in other industrial sectors, such as tourism, retail, media and digital technologies and engineering. In Horizon Europe, creativity and design will be a cross-cutting issue that will be integrated in projects throughout the programme in order to support new technologies, business models and competences as well as translating creative and interdisciplinary solutions into economic and social value”.

More information at: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/pressroom/20181212IPR21609/meps-ask-for-a-stronger-and-fairer-european-research

The ECBN Board celebrates the decision of the European Parliament today and acknowledges the breakthrough efforts of MEP Christian Ehler and the whole Intergroup Cultural Creative Industries!

“Creating the Cluster Inclusive and Creative Society will lead to a new quality and impact of the next, foremost digital generation of cultural creative industries. Its impacts are vital to solve the major challenges Europe faces ahead for wellbeing, social cohesion and growth”.