Innovation Practices Push Priority of Creative Industries within European Innovation Agenda

The 7th European Creative Industries Summit 2017 on November 27 in Brussels put the latest innovative policies and practices in innovation on the table. Its aim: To underpin the Initiative Report on Cultural Creative Industries, adopted by the European Parliament in December 2016, for an “adoption of an overarching and transversal EU strategy for CCI“, a „policy priority within the ESIFs, Horizon 2020, and the MFF as a whole“ for CCI and the the development of the European Innovation Council.”

For a first quick information you find the presentations here:


The Role of Public Policies in Developing Entrepreneurial and Innovation Potential

Kirsi Kaunisharju, Ministry of Education and Culture Finland on behalf of OMC Group on Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Innovation and Startup Acceleration

Jan Bormans, Mentor Startups.Be

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Eindhoven365: Home of world´s smartest square kilometer

Peter Kentie, Director Eindhoven365

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The Arts+ – Cultural Innovators Need Markets

Nina Klein, Director Innovation Summit at Book Fair Frankfurt

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Future Fit Expertise for Creative Industries

Bart Ahsmann, Director CLICKL.NL

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Message in a bottle from Italy

Ugo Bacchella, Director Fondazione Fitzcarraldo

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Creative Industries Kosice

Michal Hladky, Director Creative Industries Kosice

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Creative Anticipation

Gilles Rougon, Treasurer 2017-2019, World Design Organization and Collective Innovation Catalyst, EDF Group

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Faraway, So Close – A Design Biennale as Role Model for Innovation

Maja Vardjan, Director Museum for Architecture and Design, Ljubljana

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The list is updated by the speech of Sven Gatz, Flanders Minister of Culture Media and Youth.

Featured Image from Dutch Design Week, Copyright Peter Kentie, Eindhoven365

Closing Panel with Bernd Fesel (European Creative Business Network), Pieter Aarts (Design Management Network), Gerin Trautenberger (Kreativwirtschaft Austria) and host of the day Frits Grotenhuis