Open Letter
The European Council and its Member States,
the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the Governments of the Member States, the EU-Commission for Innovation, Research Education, Culture and Youthand the Members of the European Parliament

Making Cultural and Creative Industries an effective and innovate part of Horizon Europe
5-Point-Innovation Plan for Horizon Europe

Dear Mr. Michel, President of the European Council,Dear Mr. Sassoli, President of the European Parliament,Dear Commissioner Gabriel,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

at the start of the Horizon Europe Programme, leading SMEs and corporates of the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) are deeply concerned and troubled about opportunities not fully leveraged in the new cluster 2 „Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society“.

The tremendous potential of Destination 2 to „support sustainable growth and job creation through the cultural and creative industries and contribute to integrate them into the European industrial policy as drivers for innovation and competitiveness“ is currently not fully unleashed.

The European Creative Business Network calls on you to build on the experience of the cultural and creative entrepreneurs and its huge economic success in Europe to now develop Cluster 2 to be the leading innovation programme for the Cultural and Creative Industries in Europe.

To reach this aim, ECBN calls for a 5-Point-Innovation-Plan for Horizon Europe